​​Remote Energy Scan & Clearing -  Convenience at its highest! We (my spiritual guides and I) connect remotely. You simply go about your day while we connect and scan your personal energy field (often referred to as the aura or subtle bodies) and chakras. We're looking for core beliefs, fears and patterns that are keeping you stuck and / or causing complications in some area(s) of your life.  You might be feeling frustrated believing that you've dealt with an issue and yet it keeps coming up, maybe in another form or even snowballing into something bigger with added stress and anxiety etc.  While you may have dealt with that issue on one level, the energy of it can get stuck in your field and that can be one reason why a situation keeps repeating itself. The messages and guidance I receive are designed for your Highest good and to support and empower you.  After the scan we do a second recording in which we clear the old, stuck, stagnant energies and bring in new, fresh energy that supports and empowers you. I then email the recorded feedback from the scan and the clearing to you so you can listen to it at your convenience. If there is anything that you're not ready to release yet, then it simply isn't released. We all have free will so even though this is done remotely and at any time during the day, it is always done with your permission and you can simply reclaim any energy that you wish to hold onto.

Your Scan & Clearing consists of approximately 90 minutes of remote energy work which includes your recorded Scan & Clearing. The recording of the Scan will be between 10-25 minutes and your recorded Clearing will be between 30-45 minutes (the recorded audio portion will total 50-60 minutes). 

After purchasing this service, you'll need to email me a picture of yourself,  facing the camera and with your eyes showing. If you have any questions, I can be contacted at Joy@CourageInAction.com 

Remote Energy Scan & Clearing: $197

*** The following Clearing packages are only available to those that have already experienced the Scan & Clearing. ***

1. Single Clearing: $117

2. Three Clearing Package:  $333 ($111/clearing)  

3. Six Clearing Package: $594 ($99/clearing)  

The clearings in the multi-clearing packages can be done every other week or monthly, whichever you prefer. Please email me at Joy@CourageInAction.com for further details or if you have any questions. 

Phone / Skype   - One of the biggest benefits to phone sessions is the convenience. You can be at home in your pajamas while having a session designed to release what is no longer working in your life and support you in living to your fullest. While some people prefer an in person session, since everything is energy, a phone session can be just as powerful and life changing as having a session in person. Joy specializes in going into the energy field and releasing the belief structures and emotions that are holding you back. We use various clearing and activating techniques and will know intuitively which one(s) to use during the session that will support your Highest Self in coming forward.

90 minute Phone Session $197 




Anytime you think you can't do something,

that's a result of your conditioning,

not your potential. 

Your potential is unlimited!!!





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