What is a 'Specialized Intention-Focused Chakra Balance' and how can they support you with your ascension? 
      With an 'Intention-Focused Chakra Balance' you are setting an intention for something you want to move towards. Here are some examples: 
*** You would like to feel more calm and relaxed, rather than constantly be worrying and feeling anxious. The intention is "Calm and Peace". As we go through the chakras we identify the patterns, beliefs, emotions and more that are keeping you stuck in anxiety and worry and then create the space for feeling calm and peaceful. 
*** You want to experience having more money in your life. The intention could be "Experiencing the flow of Financial Abundance". We would then identify the patterns, beliefs, defaults, emotions etc that have been keeping you stuck in scarcity and lack, release that and create an energy field of receptivity. 
*** You are often feeling tired and would like to have more energy. Depending on your unique situation, the intention could be something such as "I allow myself to experience optimum health and vitality". 

A 'Specialized Intention-Focused Chakra Balance' is about moving FORWARD towards something. We often get caught up in trying to figure out what's wrong with ourselves and our situation and then try to fix it, while forgetting to choose what we would like to move forward towards. 

You have the option to experience an Intention-Focused Chakra Balance that focuses on an immediate issue that  you would like shifted and released or you can have an Intention-Focused Chakra Balance for something such as a state of Being that you would like to embody.  

As an example, If you are looking to buy a house but can't seem to find the one that's for you or you believe you won't have the money you need to buy your dream house, we could do a chakra balance for that specific purpose. OR, if you would like to feel more calm and relaxed when interacting with others, then we could do a chakra balance that supports feeling calm, relaxed and empowered during your communications with other people.

Another example is the desire to experience more Freedom and Expansiveness in your life.  A Chakra Balance such as this intention would be one that could be listened to now or in 2, 3, 5 years if you choose to. Since the intention is Freedom, as you journey through life, anything that is preventing you from feeling that way will come up to be released. If you feel stuck at any time during your life, you can listen to this again in order to create the frequency of Freedom and expansiveness within you. This is done from your Intention and your picture. An audio recording will be emailed to you and will be between 50-65 minutes. 

                                      Ready for your Intention-Focused Chakra Balance? 

If you're not sure what your intention would be for the Chakra Balance, here are some suggestions. 

***Experiencing Having an Abundance of Money
*** Happiness
*** Healthy, Self-Aware, Fun, Loving Relationships
*** Experiencing Freedom
*** Feeling and Looking Younger
*** Calm and Peace
*** Gratitude and Appreciation
*** Allowing yourself to be Happy and Have Fun
*** Harmonious energy between Family member

*** Connecting to  Your Inner Child and creating a Healthy Empowering Relationship with YOU
*** YOUR specific Intention that supports and Empowers YOU!

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