The autumn Equinox in the northern hemisphere is on September 22nd. This is a traditionally a time of harvest. While this could mean that you are ready to harvest what you've grown in your garden, it can also be a time for you to harvest all the actions you have taken throughout the year and to honor your path of ascension. If you have taken action and feel that your intentions did not work out the way you wanted them to, it does not mean that you have done something wrong or that nothing ever works out for you. This is an opportunity for you to reflect on your actions and behaviors over the year and to determine if this time could be an opportunity for you to expand into a new way of Being that supports your True authentic Divine Self.

From Monday September 19 to Sunday September 25th my Guides and I will be supporting you through this time of reflection and balance. The autumn equinox is the time when there are equal amounts of day and night, this represents balance. If you would like to receive support during this time, please continue to read on!

*** Thirty minutes a day of remote energy healing. My Guides have told me that the energy during this time will be very powerful in Gratitude so we will focus on Blessing and Awakening you with energies of Bountiful Gratitude and Healing. 

*** You will receive a different and brand new mp3 throughout all seven days. The mp3 for Monday September 19 is available to you now, you will receive it upon registering. It is a 38 minute audio entitled Chakra Balancing: Clearing and Activating.

Your chakras are spinning vortexes of energy and when blocked they can affect your health, as well as your mental and emotional state. Unblocking and balancing your chakras has the ability to improve your health and support you in feeling happier and more at peace with yourself and life. This is an audio that you'll want to listen to multiple times. The other six audios will be between 15-30 minutes and will be sent to you by 6 am EST each day. 

*** A live Q&A call will be held Sunday September 25. ​This call will be approximately 2 hours, 15 minutes in length. During the first hour I'll be answering questions from phone callers, the second hour I'll replay to questions that have been written in and then we will finish up with a meditation. You will receive the replay of this call which means you will be able to listen to and receive the healing energies as many times as you like. 

In order to ensure that everybody has the opportunity to participate,, this is being offered on a sliding scale basis. You receive all of the above no matter what you amount you choose to participate with.   Please note, 
 ALL PRICES ARE IN CANADIAN DOLLARS                                                               

$37 CAD

$47 CAD

$57 CAD

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$77 CAD

 If you don't see your welcome message with the program details in your inbox within 24 hours of registering, please check your spam or junk folder. If you still don't see it, contact me at


                                       *** HEAR WHAT PAST PARTICANTS HAVE SAID ABOUT THIS HEALING PROGRAM ***

"Thank you for this July program, it has been fantastic, it has helped me so much go through all the issues arising within me so intensely. I love your channeled Messages from Spirit, those given last week and today resonate particularly strongly!! I realize these days I am clearing very deep layers of fear and anger at all the manipulation and control experiences, struggle etc. So you can see how today´s message is so perfect." Marcia Monge, Costa Rica

"Joy, I absolutely looove the Messages you've been sending from Spirit, thank you! And thank you as well for the beautiful daily energy work and the Light Language audio. I've listened to that every night as I've fallen asleep and it has been so calming and soothing. I've slept soundly every night because of it. Thank you so much for all your support and kindness!" - Susann Nilsson, Sweden


Anytime you think you can't do something,

that's a result of your conditioning, 

not your potential. 

Your potential is unlimited!!! 

- Author unknown

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