Have you ever said to yourself any of the following:
"Why do I keep doing this when I keep getting what I don't want?"
"I know what the pattern is but I can't seem to break out of it."
"I am so tired of struggling, I'm ready to give up."
"No matter what I do, nothing seems to change."
"Why does this keep happening to me?"
" What if my life never improves?"
"This is just the way I am." 

Based on years of personal and professional experience, Joy has found that the key to freedom and living a fulfilling life is having the courage to visit your past in order to clear out beliefs and emotions that are limiting you and keeping you stuck, unable to achieve your dreams.  Since we're rarely taught as children how to process and let go of emotions that are limiting us, those emotions can get stuck in our bodies at a cellular level. If you've ever gone through any trauma in your life such as a car accident, relationship break up, loved ones dying, loss of employment, physical, sexual or emotional abuse and more, chances are you haven't known how to deal with the emotional aftermath of those events. Those  feelings then become stored in your body. Once that happens, we develop attachments to those limiting feelings and (unconsciously) create scenarios in our lives that cause those feelings (such as anxiety, fear, shame, guilt, anger, overwhelm) to repeat. We become addicts; addicted to the very feelings that are limiting us. The first step to becoming Self Empowered is awareness. Once you become aware of what's limiting you, it can then be released and cleared. YES, you can be free to experience life as YOU choose and desire! 

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Anytime you think you can't do something,

that's a result of your conditioning,

not your potential.

Your potential is unlimited!!!

- Author unknown